Hello there, I know it's been like forever, so much has been going on and I decided to give myself a two weeks break, I hope I'm back in time and again welcome to my blog as you know I'm excited to have you here, today's post is on style (I know its been like forever I made a style post).

Yesterday was my birthday and a lot of bad things happened but I'm grateful for life and glad I could make a video, I started a YouTube channel last week, I'll post the link at the end of this post.

Casual outfits are essential because almost everyday we wear them and sometimes it can be frustrating because "we wore this same look" last week and can't repeat it again, well congratulations you've found me and I'd be doing more of style than life tips (I promise).

Outfit one
Leggings + blue chiffon top + small black bag + black sneaker

Outfit two

Denim skirt + red top + mixed color slippers + red bag

Outfit three

Red skirt + mixed colour top + same slippers + same bag in outfit two

Outfit four

Ripped mom's jean + white camisole +white sneaker + small white bag

Outfit five

Swimsuit + baggy short + white bag + denim short

This is all for today, I hope this inspires your look this new week, happy new.

Here is the link to the video, have fun and don't forget to subscribe, see you next time.

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