I finally visited the art gallery, after days of postingšŸ˜‚

Welcome to my blog, as always I'm excited to have you read my thoughts and also share yours, it's our journey and we are in this together.

This is a vlog on my YouTube channel already but I decided to share some artwork here for those who won't/don't like to watch vlog but if you can, you sure should, I'd share the link down below.

Some unique artwork that got me

This reminded me of my mum, I miss that woman so much, isn't motherhood so cute?

This is a painting of an Efik bride

This is the painting of the past 4 and present chancellors of the University of Uyo

This one really got me and it's interpreted in so many ways in my head, you can interpret it your way though.

A painting of Fela KutišŸ˜

A painting of our former president, Goodluck Jonathan

This one got me too, I think it was titled, cry my country - the lady crying

It was really fun because I met this guy who explained some artworks for me, we discussed and then he took photos of me.

Want to know everything that went down at the art gallery, click here to watch.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I'd love your comments below, see you next time.

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