As an influencer, model or a brand related to fashion, you need to know how to work with photographers or you'd end up wondering why they don't call you back or why they don't want to work with you anymore.

Before we get into today's topic I want to apologize for last week, the hustle is not easy but we go make am last last. Last week I had a lot of dancing to do from rehearsals to dance teaching and all so I couldn't make it but here am I, how was last week for you?

I've worked with a couple of photographers and I won't say it was 100% perfect but I've come to understand what they are looking for in models, influencers or bloggers.


Photographers love people who are always ready to work, no complains, no delay, just avail yourself, when I was called for this shoot, I was tired plus I just came back from dance rehearsals so you can imagine how impromptu it was, I didn't plan for photo shoot that day but it just happened and I made myself available as soon as I could.


Be ready to learn new poses, and be ready to adjust, when a photographer says to do this, don't act like you know it all and don't start saying photographer A likes it this way, just do as you're told, it doesn't mean you should completely rule out your opinion or something, politely tell me your opinion about a pose.


Don't be completely ignorant about poses and wait for the photographer to tell you how to pose, do your research on how a model should post for a particular brand photo, in my case, Novabeauty showed me what she wanted before we got to the studio, so I knew all the poses to make but the photographer had to do a little correction here and there (like bend your neck a little or take your hand up a bit) and I was ready to learn, he is the man behind the lens and knows what he is doing.


Nobody wants to work with a rude person or a person who Who act like they know it all so be humble honey, “the way up is down” so I heard. Do not be rude no matter what, if something doesn't go down with you then politely say it.


Don't be too serious, being a photographer is hard enough, know when to smile, know when to be serious, know when to joke and all but don't be too straight-faced and uptight.

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Dear @novabeautyhub it was so much fun working with you, hopefully, we work together again in future.
PC: @princebasseyimages

Ps: take snacks with you when going for a shoot, if not, hunger go kill you😘

I hope you learnt a thing or two from this post, see you on Thursday.

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