I know it's been a while, well I took a break to clear my head, figure my life and put everything together, its been 3 months and I still have nothing figured out but you know what I learnt? Life is a journey and all I need to figure out is each step I take so don't beat yourself up, it will all fall in place, you've already come this far and you can do better.
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Palm kernel oil is gotten from palm kernel nut, so I started different natural oil this year and palm kernel oil was the second I tried, I did a little research and all I saw was how nice kernel oil is to the skin and all, so  I decided to give it a try, what is that thing they say about experience being the best teacher? This is what I got:

Dry and wrinkled skin
After 2 weeks, I noticed that my skin became really dry and rough but I wanted to be sure so I didn't stop.

It made me darker
I got like a shade darker than normal and people keep asking what happened to my skin. It didn't make my skin glow plus it wasn't good for my hair either so I stopped using it.

My mum said it neutralizes poison plus it helps to remove sticky dirt from the ear, all you need to do is put little quantity in a small spoon, heat for 30seconds, pour into your ears and allow for some time then use a cotton bud to clean up.

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How is life treating you lately?
Have you ever used kernel oil? How did your skin react to it?


  1. Girl, your skin is glowing. You need to share recipes of how you made that oil for us your loyal followers. Congratulations on your domain name

    1. Thanks a lot Bae, i'll definitely share what's making my skin glow soon, keep your fingers crossed.

      We will soon pop champagne

  2. I know it's more effective on baby's skin

  3. Yeah ✌ babies, adults it really kul


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