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Welcome to my blog again. It's Sunday, a day for another blog post so I'm thinking “should I make blog post twice a week or just once as it is already?” this is where I need your suggestions, the comment box is just below.

Last week was exciting, the moments, the ups, the downs, the laughter and the tears, my dancing and the way I see myself has improved, my understanding boyfriend – yeah, I'm flaunting, in all I see God at the centre and I know you had a wonderful week because you survived the struggle et all so let's do better this week, this post isn't about me but if you'd like to know any more thing about me, the comment box is below, let's get into today's post.

Whenever someone says beautiful, you know what I think? A person's heart/character but when I hear pretty, I see the person's appearance, I might be wrong but that's my own definition of pretty, what's yours?

For some people, the glamorous look is a 9-5 job and honestly, I don't know how they are able to do that but I found a way and it requires a little effort but anything for the glam yeah? And oh! It's not centred on makeup so don't think you'd have to get some makeup skills or something.

1. Good skin: nothing makes you stand out like glowing skin, naturally my skin is not bad but I started to use skin care products to enhance my skin and I'd say so far so good.

Take good care of your skin, avoid mosquito/insect bites, avoid using cream and soap that have a harsh effect on your skin, use a neat towel, never sleep with makeup and sometimes give your face a makeup break, you'd appreciate it, I promise, I go natural almost all the time, other times I wear just powder and lipstick, wash your face thoroughly, never use products like kernel oil and other oil that are bad for your skin.

2. Good dressing sense: OK! This will be a lot easier if you already know your style, my style is boho, I love to be comfortable in my wears so my basic outfit is usually a polo and trouser, you can find me trying out prints, vintage and oversized pants or shirt, looking all tomboyish...
Once you've discovered your style everything will fall in place.
Avoid wearing slipper, if you can't deal with heels then sneakers or sandals will be preferable as it makes your outfit look way better.
Don't forget to spice up your outfit with accessories, earrings, glasses, watches, bags etc. Wear perfume and smell nice.

3. Take care of your body: health is wealth and health is pretty too, you need to eat well to look good, avoid toxic food, environment, friends and everything negative, take care of your mind too.

peace of mind cannot be overemphasized and it's one thing that makes you glow without breaking the bank - it's totally free so why not get some? Clean your nails, get your hair done, sleep well and on time, take your bath at least twice a day, I know how tiring it can be but make it a must.

4. Wear your confidence: you know people say they gain more confidence when you dress well, for me it's a whole different situation, I'm less confident when I look prettier, I begin to ask myself questions like; is it OK to look this pretty? Is it really necessary to wear all these, see! They are looking at me what if they think I'm just a joker or a wannabe?
I should have just worn slippers, I look too serious, don't I? But the voice in my head will tell me, I deserve all the attention and it's OK to look pretty all the damn time so never question your pretty self, it is very much OK to look like a million bucks every time.

2 ways to style a bra top

This bra top has been "just there" so I thought, why don't I dish out some inspiration, one of your readers might need an outfit inspiration, here it is, I styled this top two ways, one a classy look and the other a sexy look more like a video vixen/party look, let me know which you prefer in the comment box.

Here's the second look
But short + top + sneakers, I played with pattern and print, I hope you love it.

I hope you enjoyed this post, here are all the questions asked in this post:
How have you been lately?
What would you love to know about me?
Would you love to read from me twice a week?
What's your definition of pretty?
Did you enjoy this post?

The comment box is below, see you next time, By the way, Happy new month in advance.


  1. Ride on bbe,dis is really helpful

  2. Ride on bbe,dis is really helpful

  3. Totally loved the look with the jacket on. it's more Chicky

    Nice write up too, thanks May 💓

    1. Thank you so much and thank you for visiting, hope to see you often


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