Amazing people welcome to another blog post, remember the two friends i talked about on this post and this post well Y'all are meeting one now and the other just got engaged, isn't this year a good year already?

On today's post, we'd be talking(or you could say typing) on fitness, first of let me introduce Eyere Ekuta, my friend, a martial art expertise and fitness coach, she started sport at age 7, she won her first championship at age 13, cadet championship, Abuja, 2009, silver in judo, in 2017, Nigeria University Games(Nuga) at Benue state she won bronze in judo and team gold in Scrabble, in West African University Games (WAUG) she won bronze in judo,  team silver in Scrabble, so she's not a small woman, you should be applauding by now, here she comes👇
Question: what is fitness?

Answer: Fitness is being able to go through your scheduled daily activities without fatigue and still having enough energy to take you through your leisure and any emergency occurrence.

Question: how can a person keep fit?

Answer: By working out
Eating healthy
Being happy
Treating yourself right when you're sick, Being fit entails your,  physical,  social, mental and spiritual fitness, So you need to mind what you think as well as you mind what you eat Because you can only have a sound mind in a sound body.

Question: how can fitness prevent sickness?

Answer: Fitness can prevent some sickness and fitness cannot prevent some it all depends on how you take care of yourself health which is also in line with your fitness.

Question: What advice would you give to my readers on fitness?

Answer: They should not see fitness or training has hard work or punishment,  but rather it should be part of them it should be part of their diet too.

On my previous post, i talked about fitness as a way of life, i hope you learn a thing or two from this blog post, feel free to tell me what area of fitness you'll love to know about or ask any question at all about fitness via the comment box, I'll be glad to share.

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