Zobo juice is made from dried rosella, it is really nutritious and beneficial, it prevents cardiovascular diseases, it contains vitamin C, antidepressant, helps in anxiety, weight loss and reduces menstrual cramps - I'm a living testimony, this year came with all goodies, insomnia and cramps(yes, I never did have cramps) after taking this homemade zobo juice I could stand on my feet, somebody say hallelujah.

For this juice, we are going to need, Rosella(zobo), ginger and any sweetener of your choice(as you can see in the photo I'm using jolly juice)👇
Rinse the rosella with cold water and pour into a pot, add water desirably(depending on the quantity of rosella though) peel and grind your ginger and add it to the pot on the fire allow to boil for at least 30minutes, bring it down and allow to cool, then sieve the rosella to get juice, add your desired sweetener and here you have it
Drink at least 3 times a week, you can preserve it by putting it in your refrigerator or store in a cool place in a plastic container.

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