I know you're wondering why the blog is so dark, can you imagine, 1st January, NEPA Abi PHCN cannot surprise us, please use your touch light or better still just chill so I'll switch on my 'I PASS MY NEIGHBOUR'.
Amazing friends, I'm really excited to have you here on the first day of 2019, you're welcome to my blog, you can read about me and the blog Here. Without much talking (or you could say typing) let's get into today's post.

Guide to writing your goals

There's no better way to start your year than writing down those things you want to achieve before the year runs out, it might seem like it's not going to work but once written there's this urge to fight for what you want to achieve and it just gets better, last year was the first time I ever wrote my goals and it was really an unusual year for me.
Writing your goals might be easy but here are some things you shouldn't fail to include:

1. Spiritual goals: because you need God in all your plans
2. Academic goals: Education has no end, keep learning
3. Personal goals: this involves your growth as a person, how you want to become a better version either by stopping a bad habit or learning a skill.
4. Financial goals: how much you want to invest/save in 2019
5. Relationship goals: what you want to achieve with Bae (not everytime sex).

Re-creating a fashion trend

I recently saw this trend and immediately fell in love and decided to recreate my way, so I created two looks with a black skirt and a plaid skirt.

I really want to hear from you, which outfit do you love more?


  1. I'm pretty confused about which to choose because all are amazing... Good Job Dear!

  2. Awwwn cute, I love the way you used two clothings to achieve different styles and concepts that can be used for different occasions, that's brilliant also thumbs up on the new year goals aid.

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