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 On today's post, I'll be giving 3 tips to help you look more amazing on mixed prints.
Mixed prints: mixing two pieces that have prints on them just like I'm doing on the photos. I love to mix prints because it makes one look bold, and being that bold is my style, you can tell that's my go-to outfit.  There are certain rules to follow and I'll be sharing them on this post, let get right into it:

Tip number one: match bigger print over smaller ones, on my photo, the vintage has a bigger print than the Ankara skirt, and this made my outfit look better.
Tip number two: pair with neutral accessories, this makes your outfit less busy and your print starts out.
Tip number three: match outfit with a similar element, if you look at my outfit closely, the colour blue is a similar element. This gives the pieces a 'we belong together' sense.

Don't forget to have fun while pairing, take photos and don't forget to tag me on IG. I'm sending so much love your way.

If you learnt a thing or two or you enjoyed reading, drop a comment i'd really love to read from you.

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