Please confirm this, is it still 5th January? Jezz, by this time last year people were busy cutting other people off and posting photos of people they want to see in 2019, why is January always this long? By the way, today was very long for me, January nwanu come and go, bye bye.
Hello amazing readers, welcome to my blog again, my year started right with y'all plus I was contacted by two clothing brands, this means more money+work in 2019.

Today I'll be doing a recap of my 2018, well, in 2018, a lot happened and I don't know how I made it to 2019 though. 2nd January 2018, I escaped an accident, I had already given up and asked God to receive me in heaven but, I don't know how he did it.
On spiritual growth: to be honest I had no plan to grow spiritually and well I did get closer to God at the end of the year.
On academic growth: I had good grades as earlier planned but definitely not all As.
On personal growth: mostly i had plans for my blog, too many plans,  my year started right but along the line i stopped(a story for another day). I was a depressed soul for 3 months in 2018, failed blog(i created two different blogs that crashed), failed relationship, everything i tried  to do failed at that period, i was angry at unsupportive bloggers, i was angry at the World and definitely angry at myself, i had nothing to live for and i didn't want to take my own life, then something happened(i don't even know what that is) but i joined a danced group and started going for dance rehearsal and i got featured in 3 music videos, i joined a modelling agency and started to learn catwalk, walked the runway in 2 shows, started acting classes, acted a movie, wrote a script, became a photography brand ambassador and met two amazing friends, you'll meet soon, i promise.
That's it for 2018, i hope to keep a better relationship with God and bae this year, create better contents on the blog for you and also have fun while doing all these, so help me God.

How to spice up your monochromatic look

I love the monochrome trend but it can be a bit boring if not styled with a twist/appropriately.

The monochromatic outfit is wearing a colour from head to toe Example, all black, a mixed black and white, all white etc.
This is the style i recreated when going for a monochromatic look, make a twist: tie you shirt, tuck in, wear a very stylish shirt/gown, cover your jacket(it looks more stylish)
let your accessories make a statement: just so you won't look boring, wear a statement earring or shoe in other news wear bold accessories.
Wear different shades of the same colour: i really love to do it, I'm sorry there's no photo to show you how cute this combination can be(i promise to share in my next post)

I hope these tips are useful, don't forget to take photos for the gram and tag me @amazingmaryrose, i would really love you to share your 2018 story via the comment box below, do subscribe to the blog for more amazing stories and style tips.


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