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Today, we have the Uyo stylist on the blog, he's here to tell us 2018 fashion trends, I met the Uyo stylist last year in a free film boot camp I talked about attending on 2018 moments which was organized by Aniebiet Francis. He has styled few people in Akwa Ibom for events and also assisted in styling models for the ameyaya concert.
He'd be telling us about those fashion pieces/styles that went viral in 2018.

Every year, we get to see a wave of New trends come about on the fashion scene with Street style being one of the most popular trends this year.

So for 2018, some biggest trends in streetwear were tactical wear like chest rig, dressed up slides or mixes brands, cycling shorts, fanny pack and track pants with stripes and branding logos otherwise know as (logomania).

#1 Fanny pack trend: Has to be one of the rare styles of the year, at least everyone now owns a piece of a fanny pack. I can attest to this one, I bought a fanny pack last year.
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#2 The chest rig was originally designed for soldiers to put their guns and hikers but fashion Influencers fell for it as an accessory making it Emerged has one of the hottest new accessories for 2018 with lots of celebrities rocking it.

#3. Denim fever! Denim has always been n vogue but 2018 saw diff shades of this trend.

#4. Big ugly shoes with luxury brands like Balenciaga taking over the streetwear with Big kicks. This trend was massive.

#4 Cycling shorts? Who knew this trend could be one of the hottest, lots of female celebrity rocked it.

#5 Track Suits: To go along with the cosy aesthetic that has been trending this year, track pants gained traction throughout 2018. Several streetwear brands, as well as fast fashion chains, all released track pants this year.

#6 Raffia Bags: The raffia bag trend got summer 2018 looking colourful with great crafted bags from Zara and other luxurious brands.

I'll like to add the white glasses trend: fashion bloggers were all in for this one, I wasn't left out too either.

These are certainly not all of the trends for 2018, but definitely, some that stood out this year...

Looking forward to exploring more trends on the New Year!

I hoped you enjoyed it??

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